Beer Choir in Das Bierhall

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Tue Nov 6 7:00pm-9:00pm

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**NUMBER ONE on the list of Best Ways to Meet New People in STL!**
(Riverfront Times)

Beer Choir is not a performance. It is a social singing experience open to all, no talent required!

How does it work? Get a beer, get a seat, and we lead you through a couple hours of hilarious drinking songs and games from our official songbook, the Beer Choir Hymnal (available for free download at So easy.

We are particualrly honored to call Das Bevo ( the home of Beer Choir STL. The team there is AWESOME, the renovated space is STUNNING, and it’s hard to find a more HISTORIC beer hall in town! Plus, the space is perfect for singing. Just wait till you hear it!

Pro tip: Call Das Bevo to reserve table seating.

A word from the venue:
Welcome to Das Bevo! We’re home to the century-old, giant windmill in the heart of St. Louis. Originally built by the Busch family as a rest stop between the storied Anheuser-Busch brewery and what is now known as Grant’s Farm, Das Bevo has been entertaining the area’s most interesting and over-the-top characters and their friends and family for over 100 years.