For over 100 years, the Bevo Mill has been a world-famous* landmark in the heart of South City, most obviously known for its defining feature: a 60-foot tall windmill. Originally built by the Busch family as a rest stop between the storied Anheuser-Busch brewery and what is now known as Grant’s Farm, Das Bevo has been entertaining the area’s most interesting and over-the-top characters and their friends and family for decades. Today, after being reimagined and rehabilitated to it’s former glory, Das Bevo is once again bustling–this time as a biergarten and event space–with all of its original quirky charm still intact.


Parties 100 years in the making


Weddings that go down in history

Sculpture Garden
Murals from 1894

The Schuchards

Pat is part handyman, part artist, part the-guy-that-gets-shit-done. Meantime, Carol has a knack for the overall aesthetic of their spaces, from lighting to furnishings and everything in between. Together, they’ve had the guts to invest in a couple of St. Louis’ forgotten buildings plus the diligence to actually transform them into bustling venues that people know and love.

Pat and Carol’s latest project is one for the history books! After touring the building by happenstance during an open house, Pat and Carol fell in love with the Bevo Mill. Their love for neighborhood development and community involvement led to an over $1.5 million renovation, one that has breathed a new live into the historic space while still reveling in it’s whimsical, German charm.

Bevo is one of the most beloved St. Louis landmarks, and we are passionate about nurturing its rich history and doing justice to it’s legacy.

The Venues

Explore Das Bevo’s two sister venues, Boo Cat Club and Majorette, each with their own personalities and unique historical charm.

Boo Cat Club