Das Bevo*

ist für Bierhall
ist für Biergarten
ist für Brass
ist für Bride
ist für Blooms
ist für Bachelorette
(Hello Friends!)

* World Famous.
Only In St. Louis

Hallo friends, welcome to Das Bevo! We have been entertaining beer barons, friends, and family alike for over 100 years. Today, rehabilitated to it’s former glory, Das Bevo is once again bustling–this time as a combined biergarten and event space. We’re glad you’re here! Gute Fahrt!

Das Bevo Events


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“What? in a windmill?!”


Throw a party that will go down in history! Email Hallo@DasBevo.com for more information! Prost!


Sip on a cocktail named after a member of the Busch family in our green, lush-filled outdoor sculpture garden.

Das Bevo Underground

Our lower level is both eclectic and roomy–a perfect place to party where the beer barons once kicked back.

Private Events

Drink brews while saying your “I Do’s” and celebrate a variety of events in the Mill Room or the eclectic Das Bevo Underground.


Parties 100 years in the making


Weddings that go down in history


Beer-drinking where beer barons kicked back